Our objective at Mode Gallery is to offer a judiciously curated selection of Modern British Art to private collectors, both new and existing, who aspire to establish and develop the quality of their own Fine Art collections. Although the emphasis of the gallery is predicated on offering the finest examples of works by established artists of respected critical standing, we are also delighted to offer a platform to new and emerging artists whom we firmly believe have the potential to become prominent and significant figures in their own right.

The artwork we are proud to present transcends purely local or regional categorisation and, although representative of the type of work which might be displayed in a London gallery, has been produced by artists working across the United Kingdom and discerningly sourced over a period of 15 years. As a result, we are of the strong conviction that the original artwork to be discovered at Mode Gallery features singular examples which epitomise the distinctive artistic talent, strength and integrity of each individual artist.

Moreover, as private collectors ourselves, in addition to having a full-time professional artist as a director, we are aware of the importance of establishing the provenance and authenticity of a work of art. In this regard, we take pride in researching the chronicled history of each piece, from investigating archive and contemporary records, through to establishing exhibition history, and recognising its wider significance in the context of Art history. Besides sourcing works of fine art, we are in the privileged position of having amassed a unique collection of associated ephemera over many years, details of which can be found on the website.

We are acutely aware that some galleries can tend to be seen as sterile and unwelcoming environments where visitors can even feel intimidated and overawed. With this in mind, we are fortunate to be able to display our collection of fine art in a home setting, thereby allowing clients to view the work at their own ease and to visualise the pieces hanging in their own homes.

In summation, as proprietors of Mode Gallery, we are passionate about the collection of artwork we have the privilege of showcasing and, as such, we are pleased to welcome you to our website. Furthermore, we hope you will take the opportunity to visit us in our unique home setting should you wish to see an individual piece or indeed view the collection as a whole.